Таковыми являются хладагенты R134, R134a, R152a, R143a, R125, R32, R23, R218, R116, RC318, R290, R600, R600a, R717 и др. Особенности 

134a/404a Repairs. While there are some common tools used for servicing either equipment, there are specialized products you’ll need for R290 versus 134a/404a units. The following tools are for repairs exclusive to each type of refrigerant: Se hela listan på bijlibachao.com R290, R1270, R600a and Re170 with R134a, CFC22, and CFC12. Mixture of HC290/ HC1270 (20/80) and HC290/HC600a (40/60) and Re170 were found most suitable alternative for R12, R22 and R134a.The influence of the performance parameter of refrigerant, R-32, R-410A, R-134a och andra köldmedium som används inom EU för närvarande bryter inte ned ozonlagret. Den äldre generationen köldmedium, som R-22, hade en skadlig effekt på ozonlagret i stratosfären eftersom det innehåller klorin. Sedan 2004 förbjuder EU-förordningar ny utrustning som använder sig av R290 R134a, R407A/F, R448A/R449A, R513A, R450A 6 och energieffektivitet Målet med EU:s ekodesigndirektiv är att förbättra produkters totala prestanda R438A R600A R32 R404A R507 R407c R290 R22 R134A R410A Factory Sell AC Freon Refrigerant Gas US $20-55 / Piece 99.9% Purity 13.6kg/30lbs Disposable Cylinder Freon 134A Refrigerant Gas R134A R134a is used in organic Rankine cycle for energy extraction from low temperature waste flue gas from different industries. It is also used as a bottoming cylce for many thermal power plants to R134a/R290 and R134a/R1270 perform much better and more stable than 134a/R600 and R134a/600a.

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Over 2 billion HC … The capacity for R134a/R290a was higher than that for R290 and R22, and R600a/R134a exhibits higher system capacity than R12 and R134a. Experimental results show that the compressor discharge temperatures of the considered azeotropic mixtures are lesser … R134a, R290, R410A, R407c, R507 etc can be used as an alternative refrigerant for R22. The main disadvantages of R 290, R 134a, R410A, R600a and R407c have low ODP and GWP than R22. II. LITERATURE REVIEW J. M. Clam [1] studied the environmental impact of use of air- conditioning and refrigeration system on stratospheric ozone due 2019-12-16 Alibaba.com offers 1,023 r290 r600a r134a products. About 2% of these are Hydrocarbon & Derivatives. A wide variety of r290 r600a r134a options are available to you, such as classification, grade standard, and local service location. You may unsubscribe at any moment. For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice. R404A/R507 • R134a • R290 Danfoss Compressors Commercial freezers 220-240 V • 50 Hz & 60 Hz • LBP Quick reference.

For example, in compressors for R290 the displaced volume is always smaller: in comparison with models for R134a it can be 40% smaller. Another difference is that propane operates at higher pressures when compared to R134a. The same holds true for comparison with R600a (isobutane).

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R290 r134a

XH-7 R134a SM3125. Artikelnr: 7067571. Lev. artikelnr: SM325S309 | Mer info. Logga in för att se prisuppgifter. Visa ersättningsartikel.

Цена в Краснодаре. 3 612 руб./шт. - +. В корзинуВ корзине · Фреон R-600 в баллоне по  Смесь подходит для функционального замещения устаревших хладагентов ( R-12, R-22, R-134a) в традиционных стационарных холодильных установках   В настоящее время успешно заменяет более токсичный хладагент R12. Отличия хладона R134a: Не воспламеняется, но при контакте с открытым огнем  7 May 2019 Why R290? R290's thermodynamic properties are superior to both R134a and R404a.
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In this paper, the saturated vapour pressure curves of the mixtures of R290/R134a were obtained by experiments which results show close to those of R22. Therefore, R290/R134a mixtures are potential alternatives to R22. Hermetic Compressors for AC Voltage (60 Hz), R134a, R404A/R507, R290, R600a, 115 V, 220-240 V PDF download (5.94 MB) Quick References Energy-Optimized Propane Compressors PDF download (3.08 MB) We have R32,R152,R22,R134A,R410A,R407C,R404A,R290,R600A etc… PRODUCT SALES AREA We are awarded the certificates of DOT, KGS, CE and we exported refrigerant gas R22,R134A R410a R290 etc.

Давление пропана R290 ближе к давлению R22 и R404A, например, при −25°С  R134a.
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R290 and R600a/R290 mixtures in a retrofit R134a refrigeration system performance evaluation of the hydrocarbons R600a, R290 and their mixtures used 

Фреон r134a агрессивен и требователен к качеству  The mixture R290·R 134a is analyzed as a shprt-term substitute of R 12 for the retrofit of the refrigerating units where refrigerating capacity plays an essential  PEREKHOD NA PRIRODNYE HLADAGENTY R600, R744, R290… 1 помнить, что хладагент R600a имеет только около 55% объемной емкости R134a.