T ex så består emissions- och bränslefaktorerna för personbil såväl av Landsbygd 2017. CO g/km. CO2 TTW kg/km. CO2 WTW kg/km. HC g/km. NOx Förbrukning för elfordon. kWh/km. Personbil. 0,19. Lätt lastbil. 0,21.


Singapore’s average OM GEF fell from 0.4206 kg CO 2 /kWh in 2018 to 0.4085 kg CO 2 /kWh in 2019. * The historical GEF figures from 2017 and 2018 have been revised to include fossil fuel-based carbon emissions from the incineration of non-plastics such as textile, rubber and leather.

kg CO2/ton. Energi per kg borttorkat vatten. kWh/kg. miljövärdering av el. Stockholm mars 2013. Per Holm.

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Natural gas. 3142 per tonne. Diesel fuel. 2.68 per litre.

Average for the Europe of 15: 0,46 kg CO2 / kWh el. some analyzes This classification dates from 2003 but these values have changed very little since, for example the construction of a wind farm has an extremely minimal influence on the discharges of a country, unless this country is very small, like Monaco for example. .

Flameless Värdet per kWh är flerfalt högre för vätgas än för rå biogas. • Biogasfordon drar  resor till och från HB: CO2: 867 ton,. NOX: 1 Statistik 2015, kg CO2: Flygresor per år, per m²: 73 kWh. Andel förnybar verksamhetsel: 100 %.

Kilowatt hour (kWh): This is the conventional unit of energy that electricity is measured by and charged for commercially. Tonne of oil equivalent (toe): This is a conventional standardised unit of energy (41.868 GJ), and is defined on the basis of a tonne of typical oil having a net calorific value of 41,868 kJ/kg.

Kg co2 per kwh

Multiply that by the running hours.

CO2 emissions. gCO2/km. Fuel cost/km. 0. 100 0.264 kg CO2/kWh.
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How much CO 2 do vehicle fuels produce?. Going strictly by the amount of CO 2 emitted per litre of fuel, LPG comes out as the big winner: Default View Map Map Bubble Map Ranking (bars) List Raking (pearls) Trend Trend Scatter Plot Data Rekord lav CO2-udledning fra danskernes elforbrug i 2019.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Coefficients by Fuel Pounds CO 2 Kilograms CO 2 Pounds CO 2 Kilograms CO 2; Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) Factors: Per Unit of Volume or Mass Volume or Mass Million Btu Million Btu; For homes and businesses: Propane: 12.70/gallon: 5.76/gallon: 139.05: 63.07: Butane: 14.80/gallon: 6.71/gallon: 143.20: 64.95: Butane/Propane Mix Source: Australian Government - Department of the Environment and Energy. Note: If you are a Victorian Powershop customer the emissions shown on this calculator will not be consistent with the emissions shown on your Powershop bill due to two different emission factors being used (Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning emission factor for the Powershop bill Each fuel contains a greater or lesser amount of carbon. Consequently, they emit various amounts of carbon dioxide to produce the same energy: This means that, if someone uses 20,000 kWh of natural gas per year to heat their house, they produce 4,120 kg of carbon dioxide.
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Gasolens nedre värmevärde är 12,8 kWh/kg. Hur mycket CO2 släpper gasol ut? Gasolen CO 2-utsläpp är 230 g/kWh eller ca 3 kg CO 2 /kg gasol. Kosan Gas Sverige AB P. O. Box 142 64 400 20 Göteborg 031 - 65 52 00 mail@kosangas.se. DOWNLOAD MATERIAL. Faktaark om Kosan Gas

NO3. --ekv. Biogas. 1 460 MWh. –. 4 ton. 150 kg.