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Student university rating and evaluation for Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities in Samara, Ryssland.

The Master of Arts in Social Science (MASS) degree was developed in recognition of the need for many to have access to a broad, flexible graduate program as an important element in their career development. It is designed to enable students in a wide range of occupations to tailor a graduate program to meet their specific needs and interests. MS in Social Science. The Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice offers an M.S. in Social Science degree. This outstanding graduate program provides a solid foundation in social science research methods. It emphasizes practical and theoretical knowledge in the areas of sociology, anthropology and criminal justice, and focuses on the acquisition of social science research skills, theory application and field experience.

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Overview; Contact and further  Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics. Master's programme in Social Analysis, Master of Social Sciences (2 year). Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics. Master´s Programme in Political Science, Master of Social Sciences (2 year). HKU MCCC - Master of Social Sciences in Media, Culture and Creative Cities, Hongkong.

The Carlos III-Juan March Institute of Social Sciences (IC3JM) offers a two-year, official Master of Social Sciences, run entirely in English. It corresponds to 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). It is a Master of excellence, interdisciplinary, with a strong emphasis on methodology, and academically demanding.

When studying for your MSocSc, you'll focus on your preferred Social Science subject area and you'll immerse yourself in a high-level programme of study. The UCLA Master of Social Science (MaSS) program is an intensive, 9 month program for highly-motivated students. Students in the MaSS program learn innovative approaches to social science research in a small, collaborative learning environment. Our program draws on UCLA’s 100 year long tradition of research excellence.

Unlike engineering or computer science degrees, a master’s in social science degree is versatile. Hence, a graduate isn’t restricted to a single sector of the job market. Yet, most social science graduates focus on social service, teaching, and public administration jobs. Below, we’ve listed the average salaries for several social

Master of social sciences

Master of Social Work .

FACULTY. Visit the Master of Social Science’s faculty roster. COURSE DESCRIPTIONS. Visit the registrar's site for the Master of Social Science’s course descriptions Faculty of Social Sciences. Denna sida på svenska. Master programmes last 2 years and lead to a degree of Master of Science (MSc). All Master´s programmes give you eligibility for PhD Studies as well as prepare you for qualified work outside the university.
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These programs frequently feature projects requiring a blend of primary and secondary research, as well as extensive discussions, both written and verbal. Master of Social Science Graduate Program at UCLA 2500 Public Affairs Building Box 957174 Los Angeles, CA 90095-7174. FACULTY. Visit the Master of Social Science’s faculty roster.

The Master of Social Science (MSSC) programme provides an unique opportunity for interdisciplinary education and career development, allowing individuals to integrate different disciplines in addressing contemporary issues and challenges in their profession, industry or the society-at-large. The Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender is an interdisciplinary social science master's programme which aims to provide students with the core elements through which current feminist theories, in dialogue with established academic disciplines, have contributed to the understanding of broader social processes. Master's,The Master’s degree in Social Science offers a unique educational framework for three fundamental social science disciplines—anthropology, history, and sociology—that makes space for the subjects and territory of other disciplines such as political science and economics. , Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Social Science, Sociology, École normale supérieure The Research Master’s in Social Sciences: Is a multidisciplinary programme, leading to a The Master of Arts in Social Sciences is a cycle of training and specialisation in direct contact with research and the world of work.
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To apply for the 1 year Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences (QASS) track, candidates must meet the following requirements: * Hold a Master degree in political and social sciences, economics and applied economics, pedagogic and psychological sciences, communication sciences, social geography or commercial engineering or have a 4 years bachelor degree in one of these disciplines.

Apply now! Bli student på LTU. Master programs. Research.